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Basidia offers an END to END solution under a single platform catering to the needs of all medical aspirants.


Basidia Lessons

  • Organized, expert-reviewed MCQ Bank with over 180 lessons
  • Attached with key concepts.
  • Clear and simplified explanations.
  • Performance analysis.
  • Revision scheduler.
  • Updated Daily.

Basidia Tests

  • Over 100 practice and 14 mock tests.
  • Ranking and performances analysis.
  • Difficulty as per NEET UG standards.
  • ncludes questions from previous papers.
  • With Explanations and attached key concepts.

Basidia Classes

  • 70+ hours of Crash Course.
  • 300+ hours of Expert Classes.
  • Distraction free environment.
  • Covers both 11 and 12 subjects.
  • As per NCERT syllabus with NEET UG exams as our Objective.

What sets us apart

Cost effective

7 times cheaper compared to the average spend of a Medical Aspirant

Conceptual learning

Specially designed unique MCQs that enables an integrated learning

For aspiring doctor from doctors

Curated, verified and compiled by a team of doctors, engineers, designers, and passionate educators

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Our experts go an extra mile to ensure your success in NEET UG. If you have any questions we are happy to respond to your doubts and queries actively. Reach your goal by studying anytime anywhere with basidia.




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